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                               INSTANT RECORD 

In this technological era, only those can survive who can take advantage of technologies and satisfy customers as well. Keeping this fact in mind, we are introducing a new technology for all types of industries named
and it can be done through a simple phone call.
Our aim is to digitalise you business and minimize paper work as well as save money & time.
Instant Record System
Instant Record system records telephone conversations over phone line in a digital audio file format alongside data entry as per the requirements. Instant Record is distinct from call logging and tracking, which record details about the call. However, software may include both recording and logging functionality.
Are of usages
 Insurance          
 Financial
 Trade                  
 Service
 Government  
 Health                
 Education
 Others….                                                                                             

 Reduce personal liability 
 Reduce costly entry error
 Quality Control 
 Sales Training
 Performance Reviews 
 Reduce personal Call 
 Increase Business Security 
 Improve CustomerSatisfaction 
 Many more…..                                                    

Key Features:
 Missed call Records
 Log Management 
 Real time monitoring
 Alarm Remind 
 Extension Record
 Intelligent Client 
 Business Management
 Group Management 
 Support SQL Database
 PVC Card Print 
 Direction Confirmation
 Call Management 
 User Management
 Client Features 
 Multi-way of Starting Record
 Mass Memory 
Recording Circularly  Automatically     
 More.....
(As Per Customer Requirement)